Thru-Wall or Window Refrigerator-AC

Compact, Economical, Energy Efficient, Quiet Combination Appliance

Great for dorms, colleges, homes, apts, rooms, offices, hotels, RVs, mobile homes etc.


red   Saves space, convenient, private.
red   Costs less to buy & maintain than a separate Fridge & AC.
red   Saves electricity by freezing water at night to let it melt during day and uses fan coils for cooling.  The energy saving is significant especially in dry climate areas (like southwest US) with significant temperature difference between day and night.
red   Can be used all year round as a refrigerator.
Saves electricity during winter by using outdoor air for cooling inside of the refrigerator
During summer, it shifts electricity consumption from peak to off-peak hours of demand on the electric grid or provides additional cooling power during hot summer days.


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