Compact, Economical, Energy Efficient, Quiet Combination Appliance

Like a Window AC, its condenser, motor and compressor are outdoor.  At night it freezes water - makes ice. During day, it uses the ice to cool inside the refrigerator and/or the room.

Great for dorms, colleges, homes, apts, rooms, offices, hotels, RVs, etc.




red   Saves space, convenient, green, efficient, quiet.
red   Costs less than a separate Fridge & AC. It can have
 one motor, compressor & evaporator.
red   Saves electricity by using the temperature difference between day and night and whenever outdoor is colder than indoor (depending on climate, mostly at night or in winter).
red   Can be used all year round as a refrigerator.
red   Unlike evaporative coolers, even in humid climate, it can efficiently cool indoor air.  

To see more details, its inside and how it works please contact  

Ray Arjomand  G2CU Engineering & Design  775-219-8187
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      Utility Patent Granted & more Patents Pending

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